What is your most important fitness goal right now?

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Jenn Specialized in both online training and one on one personal training to Southern Humboldt’s elite in California. Jenn can help you get the results you want- regardless of your fitness goals and experience level. If you are in Southern Humboldt or across the country, it’s time to put yourself in the hands of a true fitness professional.


Jenn has Formal education in Personal Training Transformation, Tabata Bootcamp, Yoga, TRX, Spartan SGX, and goes to fitness conventions yearly to stay updated on fitness trends.

Jenn started her fitness journey 4 years ago, when she was 200 pounds and ready for a change. And boy has she changed, as is so motivated to help everyone with a belly button to change their lives for a healthier and more fulfilled experience on this planet!!!

Blog: Http://www.mountaincrewfitness.blogspot.com

Instagram: The_Smiling_Personal_Trainer

One-On-One Training $80/ hour

Virtual Training $250/ month with 3 workouts emailed a week plus instructional videos and ½ hour phone check in.