“Jenn has by far exceeded my expectations. She is very motivated and supportive. I love how she takes her time to write down everything we accomplish in our workouts and makes sure to push me to do heavier weights, pushing my body to its fullest potential. She has motivated me to do things I thought I could never do (Ex. climb a rope!). Going on my second month with Jenn and super excited to see this month’s results!!! You’re awesome Jenn!!!”
-B. Cruz

“The last three months have been a fun strength gaining adventure. I feel so much stronger and balanced. My back is pain free and I’ve seen great results!! Jennifer you rock!!!”
-Bree Smith

“Make it work Drill Sergeant. Too easy Drill Sergeant. That a girl. That’s Heavy Drill Sergeant”
-Jenny O

“For anyone interested in changing your life you need to call Jenn Atherton. I have trained with her for 4 months and she is a positive, uplifting trainer, life coach and person. I have a million bad habits and she hasn’t given up on me yet. She is worth your time and money!!!”
-Darren Tomasini

“Southern Humboldt Fitness is the best! And they have the BEST trainer, Jenn Atherton! I needed a trainer and I watched Jenn working with other Seniors (I’m 70) and liked what I saw.
I signed on for 6 sessions and was very impressed with her knowledge, enthusiasm and workout techniques. She would constantly say, “Talk to me” and she valued my input! I felt great after my workouts.
Can’t wait to resume my training with her!”- Judy Owen
Jennifer Atherton Ace Certified Trainer Certificate # N775645